"It's Just Going to be You Two and The Rat Hunters."


Dear Ms. Grasso:
Thank you for interviewing me at Credit Technologies. I was impressed with the company and the type of banking services the corporation provides.

“ Relocated manuscript from site 45-27”

Relocated manuscript from site 45-27.
Eastern Dig. Circa 2018

of the pre-programmed speech and thanks you letter by our illustrious leadership.
(Your Presidence in perpetuity)
and rhetoric leading author of:
The International Institute of Scientificalogical Learning and Auditory Department.

Look up Greet crowd.

In this latest letter,
I want to skip the usual preaching and go straight to the facts.
I would like to thank the powerful arms of The Rat Hunters Union Local 707 for their diligence and protectionist attitudes
without which-
where would we be?

Other than here?

This letter has three main sections.

In the first, I argue that 75 million years ago, a galactic tyrant solved the overpopulation problem of his 76-planet federation by transporting the excess people to Earth, chaining them to giant rocks, and dropping H-bombs on them.

In the second, I make it quite clear- That I can't accept, or understand why- anyone would prefer the new test for a "kinder,gentler" revenge fantasy”
Than the old one.
This is why I am convinced- that some of us are convinced- that we are hiding something.

I agree.
But why meddle in everyone’s affairs or eavesdrop upon their secret meetings when we could be
gesticulating about our future prospects!
Yes as in the future- rats everywhere and people defecating in crystal clear enigma-free drinking water.
(more waving)

Together we will take our loads, make our deposits,
and empty our bowls!
Into the future!

Notice how I quote here from my newly released:
Laws of Mental Domination
“ If one will find that if a cogent, logical argument entered into the enemies minds- our friends here- before us- no doubt-
You would be correct in thinking so.”

And I have no reason to doubt that story.

Because for those of us who make our living
trying to lead the way to the future-
most of us will eventually be convinced that everything I've said so far clearly reminds us of

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All right, enough of that.
Let's talk about something else.
Let's talk about how we must study the problem and recommend corrective action.

To state it in a more sophisticated manner,
This fraud, this lie, is just one among the thousands.
Dare You Count That High?

If the answer is Yes, then we can conclude that
It is the embodiment of everything petty in our lives.
If it is No. then in a matter of days, it will have enough secret agents who are legion,
to promulgate partisan prejudice against everyone- Everywhere.
They are watching us.
(Offhandly point and say..)

And That Means YOU People!

Shame on the lot of them!
I say.
And when I say that-
I also say that I think that some organizations are responsible and others are not.
To those who claim otherwise I then say:
" Prove it!"

Am I the only one
who can that

Of course not!
Lots do it.
All the time.

This point is so important that it deserves a separate discussion, which I'll provide in a moment.
But first, let me ask YOU something.
Who here among us is content to make a mockery of the term Scientifical?
Who here stomps on the notions of Ingratuity?
Or Fornicology?!

If so- let me close with a necessary first step towards recovery of this sad and sorry disease of the mind.
In order to solve the big problems, we must first understand these problems
and understand them.

Now, would you call that the optimistic rantings of mud farmers and rat peelers?
I don't think so.
Is it the secret babblings of bubbling deformities?
I surely hope not.

It is clear and the time has come.
As earlier.
We MUST gain ascendancy through the monstrous abuse of secret agents!
I pray of course that I'm wrong, because the outcome would be devastating. But nevertheless, the indications are there.
If I hear:
" We must now replace hyperlectual soliliquisms with inaudible sloganeering because-
It's the right thing to do"
One more time,
I will give up entirely.

So I must end up here within this deep dark conclusion..
It always the ones who look the other way and hope no one will notice it that certainly believe.

Thanks you.